Thursday, April 3, 2014

The outside world

In a silent night, Damien took out the notebook of Bob cautiously. He jumped to a page with a map. It is a map about the surrounding states of his own country. Damien, who has never been to a place outside his own country, for the very first time, followed the footsteps of Bob and explored the outside world. 

  "After WWII, Omanga has developed nuclear technology and started to use nuclear plants to generate power. With the experience that nuclear power is far more efficient than fossil energy, Omanga has expanded the use to an unprecedented level. Finally its first generation nuclear plant at the north exploded in an accident and released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere. This catastrophic disaster has resulted half of the territory of Omanga and some of the neighbouring states were contaminated. Most of the populations at the north moved to the south. With resources pressure, Omanga has become more aggressive and started its invasion to the border of Gafia.   

Gafia is an inland state between Omanga and the land of soil ghosts. Facing the invasion from Omanga towards its border, Gafia’s central government adopts an appeasement policy. In contrast, people living in the border are fighting rigorously against Omanga’s invasion. This contrast has torn the state apart and regional conflicts always happen."