Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Soil Ghosts”

  My name is Damien, the son of a farmer before. Under the conscription policy I have to go to different cities at the border. After I got the notebook of Bob a month ago, I was transferred to the northeast border of the desert area of my country, Zamaii, to stop the robbery conducted by those shadowy tribes, "Soil Ghosts".

  In a world where wars go non-stop, even a country like Agurts which has long been remained neutral was invaded by the Soil Ghosts, the armed forces at the border of the neighboring country. By then no country in Europe has nothing to do with the wars. The country which "Soil Ghosts" belong to has vanished due to pollution and desertification. Pollution has destroyed natural resources and with scarce resources the country is unable to trade with others. Now the country was left with a few small tribes. Contamination has resulted weird changes in the body of the "Soil Ghosts". There are rumours that the "Soil Ghosts" worship the phantoms living in the desert and eat human bodies for food. No one wants to deal with an enemy like "Soil Ghosts".

  In Bob’s notes, there are also some fragmentary records about the "Soil Ghosts”.
    "They are the tribes left in the vanished country next to Zamaii."
    "Their bodies experienced mutation due to pollution."
    "They use human skeletons as the masks for protection."
    "Different parts of their bodies get swollen, there is no single rule."
    "Some have developed exceptional vision ability."
    "Crust formed on their feet."