Sunday, August 4, 2013


  Three months after the death of Bob, the squad I belong to was sent to the building where Bob and I had had the first encounter. For three months I witnessed wars of different scales which have resulted countless deaths for both the enemies and us. I am supposed to feel numb about all these, but I just cannot get away with the scene when Bob left me. 

  I took out the bag of coffee beans left by Bob, sitting down alone at the corner where Bob used to stay.  The corner is not close to windows and it is dim. I saw a broken mirror on the wall full of graffiti. I looked into the mirror and saw an unfamiliar face, that is me. The statement about "mission" made by Bob pops into my mind. What is a mission? Once a person is dead, nothing left but ashes. When Bob's life came to an end. what is remained is only a small bag of coffee beans. I stared at the wall and found an irregular coffee bean pattern emerged, next to it is the signature phrase of Bob "Each person has his own mission…"

  When I am trying to reach the pattern, I noticed a small notebook between the cracks of the wall. I peeked at the soldiers and hide the notebook quickly when they were not paying attention. The notebook is full of notes and drawings, when I want to check out the details of each page, a small print slipped from the notebook. The note reads: 

  "I ​​am correct that you are a curious man. If I am not wrong I should be dead now. I leave the bag of coffee beans for you as a memento! I wish that you can have a real taste of coffee for me one day. You should have a lot of questions in mind but it's difficult to explain all these with a few words. As the diary is already in your hand, your curiosity will take you further. Everyone has to find their own mission themselves. Someone may even exhaust all means to find his own, the key is we should not just sit there and wait for it. " 
─ Former owner of the coffee beans

  After reading this note with no expected ending, I feel relieved. I packed the notebook and the bag, thinking that I would like to understand the past of this old man.